Let our customers tell you how taking action affected their lives

"You can't see my hearing aids"

Marilyn wanted to choose whether or not to tell people about her hearing loss.

Getting hearing aids opened up a whole new world to her reconnecting and getting back in touch.

Marilyn could freely interact with your family and friends again and for the first time in a long time talk to her son and daugther on the phone.

“The only regret I have is that I didn't get them sooner”
Marilyn Cerrato

Wearing my new hearing aids for the first time, I just kept on grinning. I was back in the world again.
I discovered many sounds I had forgotten existed. I can now enjoy meeting with friends.
For years I avoided conversations in groups and answering the phone. Thanks to bloom that is all behind me.
When Reina's husband got hearing aids
Reina: "TURN THE TV DOWN", Reina's husband "IT'S NOT TOO LOUD".

Reina's husband wouldn't face his hearing problem, and when he finally got his first aids he wasn't happy with them. He felt they didn't help him.

When his audiologist suggested he tried Widex hearing aids, he grudgingly agreed. And as Reina says, “Once he put them in his ears he hasn’t taken them out!”

It made a huge difference to both their lives.
Bloom have helped me to fully enjoy the sounds of nature, beautiful music and the happy conversations of family and friends. Thank you.
I don't get into trouble with the wife anymore as now she can get an answer when she speaks to me. Before she thought I was ignoring her. Thanks, I am now on the right track.
I no longer fear meetings and other circumstances where I previously could not contribute without asking others to repeat themselves. Thanks bloom.