Singapore Widex Moment 110 Promotion
Offer commences 30 November 2020 and concludes 31 January 2021 and is available on WIDEX MOMENT 110 hearing aids only. The promotional price of SGD$2,399.00 is for each hearing aid purchased before the promotional period ends.
Facebook Promotion - Coupon Offer for Online Hearing Test

This offer is available to the first 50 people aged 18 years and over that;

    1. Take our Online Hearing Test (OHT) AND
    2. Upon completion of the OHT
      1. Like the following post https://www.facebook.com/bloom.com.sg/posts/903222883489027 AND
      2. Comment “COMPLETED” on the post.

The first 50 people that complete these steps will be provided with a $5 coupon.

The offer begins on 23 June 2020 and concludes either on 31 July 2020 or after the first 50 people have been determined (whichever is sooner).

bloom hearing specialists will contact the first 50 people who meet the terms outlined above to obtain a delivery address and will arrange for postage of the $5 Coupon. If we are unable to contact you with the details you provide, or you do not wish to provide us with an address for postage, after 28 days the coupon offer will deem to have been forfeited by you.

bloom hearing specialists reserves the right to cease and/or revoke this offer or substitute the coupon offer with another item of the same value at its sole discretion from time to time and without notice.

By participating in this offer and submitting your details via the Online Hearing Test, you are confirming that you agree with these terms and conditions and our privacy policy.



1. By participating in the RAFP you agree to be bound by these Terms.

2. The RAFP will be open from 23 September 2019 to 31 December 2019 (Promotion Period).

3. To qualify for the RAFP:

  • you must be an existing bloom™ customer in Singapore over the age of 18 (Existing Customer) within the Promotion Period;
  • if you are an Existing Customer, you must refer any new person over the age of 18 to a bloom™ clinic (Referred Customer);
  • the Referred Customer must within the Promotion Period book and complete a free hearing health check appointment with any bloom™ clinic in Singapore (Appointment); and
  • the Referred Customer must quote the Existing Customer’s full name, email and phone number at the time of booking the Appointment and / or at end of the Appointment (Full Details). If the Referred Customer cannot provide Full Details which match the Existing Customer's details on the bloom™ system, the referral will not be valid.

4. For the avoidance of doubt, the Referred Customer must be a NEW customer (not a previous or existing bloom™ customer). An Existing Customer may make referrals to a maximum 2 (TWO) Referred Customers in a month. The RAFP is not available to employees of bloom™.


1. Each Existing Customer that meets the criteria set out in paragraph 1(d) above will receive a 2(TWO) packs of batteries or equivalent gift (Reward).

2. If bloom™ cannot offer the Reward due to events beyond its reasonable control, it will contact the Existing Customer and offer a reasonably comparable substitute to the Reward.


1. bloom™ collects personal information in order to conduct this RAFP. If the information requested by bloom™ is not provided, bloom™ may not be able to provide requested goods or services and the individual may not be able to participate in the RAFP. bloom™ will handle Existing Customers’ and Referred Customers' Personal Information in accordance with its.

PDPA Consent Letter

Please note that by completing this form, you agree that your personal data as provided in this form and any other personal data obtained thereafter by us in connection with this service may be collected, used and disclosed only for purposes of administrating this service and/or verifying your records with us.

Your personal data will be stored under a secured database. We will respond to reasonable requests to review your personal data and to correct, amend or delete any inaccuracies. If requested to remove your personal data, we will respond within a reasonable timeframe.

For collection of personal data through our web sites or our affiliates web sites as well as software applications- mobile or desktop -mobile or desktop-provided by us or our affiliates and services provided by us or our affiliates through the Web Sites, our privacy policy at https://www.bloomhearing.com.sg/en-sg/footer-content/privacy-policy applies to personal data that you provide to us or which is derived from such personal data outlined in the policy.

bloom™ will not provide the Existing Customer with any information relating to a Referred Customer, except for the fact that a Referred Customer has completed a free hearing health check appointment and that the Existing Customer is therefore entitled to receive the Reward from bloom™, in accordance with these Terms.


1. bloom™ reserves the right to cease and / or revoke the RAFP or substitute the Reward offered with another item of the same value at its sole discretion from time to time and without notice.

2. If bloom™ ceases or revokes the RAFP, it will honour all eligible referrals made before the latter of:

  • the date the RAFP ceases or is revoked.; or
  • the expiration of the Promotion Period.

3. To the extent permitted by law, bloom™ will be liable to any person for any cost, loss, damage, liability, expense or claim arising, whether directly or indirectly, in connection with the RAFP. Any dispute or situation not covered by these terms will be resolved by our management in a manner it deems to be fair (acting reasonably).

4. The law applying in Singapore applies to the offer and these Terms.

bloom™ hearing specialists Singapore 'WIDEX EVOKE Free Trial Offer'
The free trial offer is for any WIDEX EVOKE hearing aids (excluding WIDEX CUSTOM). The customer will have to complete our free hearing assessment in a bloom clinic. If the product is deemed suitable the customer can be granted a 7 day free trial if the customer give us a security check of the full amount of the hearing aid. The customer can return the hearing aids at any time during the 7 days. The customer will get the full amount back when the hearing aids are returned in the same condition as given. If the hearing aids are damaged, a fee will be taken from the security payment. If the customer does not return the clinics within the 7 days, the check will be cashed in (unless otherwise agreed with the audiologist in writing).

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