Helpful Communication Strategies for Hearing Impaired

Helpful Communication Strategies & Tips for the Hearing Impaired


Whether you experience hearing loss or have a loved one who does, there are lots of ways both people in a conversation can improve their chances of being understood.

While it can be easy to get frustrated when having to constantly repeat yourself or working through miscommunication, try to follow these simple strategies and tips for better communication with a loved one who is hearing impaired.

If you have hearing loss, here are a few things you can do

  • Try to be within one to two metres of the person who is speaking and facing them
  • Use visual clues and speech reading
  • Use the context of the conversation to help you
  • Know the topic of the lecture or basic plot of the movie or play before you go
  • Sit beside the person you most want to speak to
  • Reduce or eliminate any other noises (e.g. turn off the TV, move away from noisy appliances) while talking
  • Put the noisiest thing behind you and the conversation you want to hear in front of you
  • Say the part of the sentence that you did hear. This way, only the few missed words need to be repeated “what do you want me to put in the kitchen?”

Communicating with a people who have hearing loss

  • Get the person’s attention before you start to speak by calling their name or touching their arm
  • Don’t converse from another room, go to them or wait until they come to you before you start talking
  • Speak slowly and clearly, don’t shout
  • Reword what is being missed, don’t just repeat it
  • Don’t expect them to hear you clearly when your head is in the fridge or behind a newspaper
  • Reduce or eliminate any other distracting background noises (e.g. turn off the TV, move away from noisy appliances) while talking
  • Understand that no one hears 100% of everything 100% of the time (even with normal hearing!)

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